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Scarification is a new trend in Body Modifications.

We have been seriously active in this field for some time now and meet other professional scarification artists (Scarwars, APP and other private meetings) and get work done on ourselves regularly.


Getting your first cutting is usually the biggest step. It’s not too difficult to imagine yourself with it, so it’s not so much an issue if you like the looks of it but the thought of a scalpel cutting your skin can be repulsive for people, depending on their own fantasy/ creative mind.. You can make yourself as scared or sick as you want, but you can also try to stay relaxed and realize it’s only for a little while. If you heal right and you like your body decorated with it, you’ll not be so hesitant to get another one. Of course every scar will be drawn especially for every person. You can also bring your own design. Sometimes it need to be redrawn to make it work as a scar. There cannot be too big spaces that need to be cut and the lines should not cross each other too much for instance.

We believe the best results for intricate designs can be achieved by cutting and not branding. This is because of less control of the depth doing (cautery) branding.

Cutting a design is not extremely painful. It feels almost the same as getting a tattoo.

Different designs are possible as well as different techniques. Depending on the design and the place, sometimes its best just to do a single cut and other times its better to start very thin and slowly make the lines bigger.

Sometimes the design requires a small piece of skin taken out. This is called peeling. You can only take out very small pieces, healing wise and painwise.

There are other options for this kind of designs and we are happy to discuss this with you.

The result of a cutting will take from half year to a year to see. In the beginning the scar will be red/ dark en slowly it will start to get lighter and maybe to keloid.

Some people’s skin have a tendency to form keloids (you can see on your other old scars maybe). Usually people with dark skin keloid very well (thats why this practise is common in Africa and New Guinea) and some places keloid easier than others (a chest keloids much easier than hands)

If you like to have an even more visible result of your scar you could think of inkrubbing. This is done with sterile tattoo ink. After being cut, the ink is massaged in.

Usually you will have to clean your cutting for 10 days. See the aftercare page


If you like big stretched ears (20mm and bigger so you know it will not go back to normal again) you will maybe have to start thinking about cutting them. Only people with fat and big earlobes can stretch them to a big size. People with thin and small lobes that want to go big need to have a hole placed high up or else have a risk of splitting it at the bottom.

Sometimes the placement of the hole is not high enough or too far or too close to the face which makes the jewelry look weird or not as nice.

Then it is possible to relocate and improve the placement by cutting the lobe in a certain way. We will have to see and discuss this first of course.

Getting your lobe cut is not as painful as you might expect. Of course it will bleed (because the lobe has a fast bloodflow) but the cut is too fast and too sharp to make it really painful.


There are different ways to insert beads. We like to use the pierce and taper- method (like Steve Haworth taught us in his class)

This is not as painful as you would maybe expect. It feels like a piercing but then a bit more tight and slightly bruised afterwards. Of course that part of the body needs rest to heal and to get the bead encapsulated (30 days). You can put beads in different parts of the body; usually customers (M/F) like them in their genitals, but for instance parts of the arm, hands etc are possible also. We are happy to discuss different options.

We use beads made of different materials, depending on your wishes and the advice of our piercers.


Sharon, the owner of our studio was the first person in Holland to have her tongue split. Since then people followed which made it possible for us to discuss and gather information about different ways of splitting.

Since pregnant ladies can react to anything in and on their body, it is possible she would get an allergic reaction to the wound or the aftercare. Furthermore since her body is already busy making a baby it should not have an extra thing (a wound) to heal. Also the skin will be more sensitive. Therefore we do not scar pregnant women.

Getting it and taking care of it

Getting a new mod is the best if you’re rested, nourished, healthy and relaxed.
Make sure you don’t drink alcohol or use drugs the night before, because then you might bleed alot and your skin is more sensitive.
Don’t get this if you are not sure you really want it. Because then your mind will have to accept it first, before it starts healing. And if you don’t know whether you like it you can get too focused and troubled by it.
Don’t get modified until having consulted your doctor if you have the following complaints: diabetic, hemofilia, metalallergy, had (plastic) surgery on the desired spot and on spots where you see a swelling or any kind of deformation of the skin.

Your rights as a customer (service)

After getting modified, you can always come to the shop and show us. If you have any questions or if you just like somebody to have a look at it, go back to the person who modified you. Sometimes a scar is not healing totally right and needs a different way of cleaning for instance. you should be able to go back as a service. Sometimes the cut need a little touch-up. This should be done by preferrably the same person who did it originally and this should be for free of charge

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