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Nowadays there are many tattoo/piercing places, so we decided to specialize ourselves in personal focus and custom design. Meaning the highest quality and the best service we can provide.

Ground floor

The studio is divided over 3 floors: downstairs you can look at jewelry, books, and see one of our tattooists working. There will always be somebody to answer your questions and help you get inspired.




On the 1st floor we are doing piercings and other bod mods.



On the 2nd floor we are tattooing the big pieces to offer a more quiet and pleasant space for longer sittings.



We are not competitive about prices but with quality; please consider yourself special enough to need good products and longlasting results.


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Spaarpotsteeg 2
1012 KS, Amsterdam
tel: +31(020)-7539652

Monday/Sunday 12.00-19.00

Sometimes it can be busy at the shop and we'd like to take enough time for everybody. If you want to get pierced, try to arrive before 18:00 hrs, to avoid any disappointments.

Please take note of our adjusted piercing age policy
Age 6 – 16: only earlobes, a parent or legal guardian must be present
Age 16 – 18: all piercings except nipple/genitalia, a parent or legal guardian must be present
Age 18 and over: all piercings, no parent or legal guardian needed

We do not pierce children under six years of age.
We do not tattoo under 18 years of age.
Please make sure to always bring an ID (this also applies to the guardian).

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