Things to consider before getting a tattoo

Due to the permanent nature of a tattoo, it should come as no surprise that we recommend doing a bit of research before taking the step of getting it done!
The internet is obviously a handy tool to get an idea of possible subjects and styles for your design. Even if you can’t find an exact example of what you’d like to get, it really helps to save some images that portray a general idea of the style or feeling that you’d like for your own piece. The floormanagers or tattooers can then match you up with an artist that fits your preferred style best and they will then work with you on the actual design.

As we are a custom studio, the artist will always make a unique design based on the ideas you bring in. To us it’s really important that the designs we tattoo are a personal piece of art and not just a copy of an existing piece!

After you’ve decided on a design and have your eyes set on a specific artist, they will start working on the drawing. Keep in mind that we are a tattoo shop and not a drawing studio! This means that drawings will be made after an appointment has been booked in and a deposit was paid. We make sure to always have time for some last minute adjustments on the day of the appointment, so we’ll never tattoo anything that you’re not 100% on board with! For commissioned art work without getting tattooed, please contact the shop about the possibilities.

The day of the appointment
Make sure that you are well-rested on the day of your appointment. Your body will need quite a bit of energy, so we kindly ask that you don’t consume any drugs or alcohol in the 24 hours leading up to your appointment. Eating a good meal beforehand and bringing some sugary snacks or drinks is highly recommended as it helps to regulate your blood glucose level. Lastly, make sure you personal hygiëne is taken care of and that you are wearing comfortable clothes that will not be too tight on the area that’s getting tattooed.

We understand that getting tattooed can be exciting and that you might want to bring someone along for support. This is possible, but only if the person in question is over 18. Due to the limited space and the fact that everyone present needs to be able to focus, we ask that you limit your entourage to one person. Pets are not allowed.

Minimum age and other restrictions

Everyone over 18 is more than welcome to get tattooed at our studio, with a few exceptions.
We cannot tattoo you if you are:

• Pregnant or nursing
• Taking antibiotics or taking blood thinners
• Diagnosed with an auto-immune disease
• Experiencing skin irritations (lesions, rash, eczema, etc.) on the location of the tattoo
• Under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

Please consider that we will ask for proof of ID if we are unsure about your age. Additionally, we ask you to be open with us about any conditions you may have that are not listed above. Medication, illnesses, allergies or anomalies can affect the tattooing process or the healing of the tattoo. Failure to inform us of anything that may be of relevance can impact the end result and is unfortunately not something that we can take responsibility for.


The exact aftercare needed is based on your tattoo and will be explained to you by your tattooer after the procedure.

In general, you can follow these steps:
• Leave the wrap on for 2-4 hours
• Wash your hands with a mild soap and remove the wrap carefully
• Wash your tattoo with the same soap and rinse off with warm water (not too hot)
• Carefully pat dry with a paper towel. Make sure not to rub or use paper that disintegrates in contact with water (toilet paper for example)
• Use a thin layer of Hustle Butter or Bepanthen ointment to keep the skin moisturized. Don’t overdo it as the skin needs to breathe in order to heal!

Follow this routine for roughly ten days, or however long your tattooer has recommended for your specific tattoo. The first few days you will need to wash and possibly rewrap a couple of times a day, after which you can switch to mornings and evenings only.

It is not unusual for you tattoo to start itching as the skin heals. Never rub or scratch at your scabs, as this will negatively impact the healed result!

Make sure to wear non-synthetic, non-frizzy and loose clothing during the first few days that your tattoo goes unwrapped.

Change your bedsheets regularly to make sure you and your tattoo sleep on a clean surface.

Do not swim or go to saunas for at least two to three weeks after getting tattooed. It’s important that your scabs are gone.

You can download our aftercare sheets in Dutch or English.

For any other questions regarding the aftercare, contact your tattooer or the shop!


Prices are based on a number of factors like the style, size, placement and complexity of the tattoo. Prices are therefor established per design. This is also why we can’t give price quotes unless we’ve had a chat with you in person to discuss your ideas and make sure there are no miscommunications about your wishes and expectations. Our minimum charge is €80.

However, please know that you are more than welcome to drop by anytime to discuss your ideas with a tattooer free of charge. We are happy to navigate you through the many possibilities and answer any questions you may have!