Seb has mastered pretty much every standard piercing under the sun and he's not one to shy away from more unique projects either. Whether it's a custom-bent industrial or one of the more advanced intimate piercings, he's your guy! If you wan't something, but you're not sure if it's even possible: definitely come and have a chat with him.

Seb speaks French and English.


Mention high quality jewelry and Eva will come running. This lady knows all the ins and outs when it comes to designs, brands and materials and she's more than happy to use that knowledge to make your piercing stand out in a crowd! She's got an eye for combinations and is happy to help you start a little piercing project.

Eva speaks Dutch and English.


Roberto is our Italian sweetheart and he can make even the most nervous clients feel completely at ease. His patience and professionalism are sure to guide you through the whole process like it's a piece of cake. He's steadily building up a fan-base, with good reason!

Roberto speaks Italian and English.