The sweet Anna has been interested in piercings from a young age and started her own piercing collection when she was 12 years old. Her huge love for this art form resulted in studying its history and techniques, and finally she started to pierce in 2014. Even though she met many other highly skilled piercers, improved her techniques and learned a lot about the body's anatomy, she is always ready to learn more about her trade. Sinds 2022 she is our very qualified piercing manager.

Anna speaks English, Slovakian, bit of Polish and a little bit of Dutch and Spanish. She can be found at Classic Ink & Mods and Dare2Wear.


Orlando started piercing in 2012 and has since developed a great passion for body jewellery. He worked in very well known piercing shops from Italy and London for a hand full of years until he decided to move to the wonderful Dutch capital last year. He's most passionate about everything that has to do with piercings.

Orlando speaks Italian and English. He can be found at Classic Ink & Mods and Dare2Wear.


Giorgia is the newest addition to the team. She moved to Amsterdam to come work with us and we are beyond happy to have her here. She comes from Italy where she has been piercing for about 4 years. Giorgia has done some guest spots through Italy and Spain and is ready to settle down in the Dutch capital. Her absolute favourite piercing to perform is the Microdermal.
She is very sweet, attentive and strives to gain as much knowledge as she can.

Giorgia speaks Italian and English. She can be found at Classic Ink and Mods and Dare2Wear.


Nina was exploring the world when they found us. The match was so amazing that they decided to stay and be part of our team. Nina has been piercing since 2006, but took a break to study Design and Art for seven years. They love to work with symmetry and all kinds of distinct piercing projects.
They are passionate about piercings because they believe that it can change lives by improving the way we look at ourselves and our body image.

Nina speaks Portuguese and English. They can be found at Classic Glamour, Classic Ink & Mods and Dare2Wear.


Guest artist -
Flavio has had his own piercing studio in Brasil and decided to do some guest spots through Europe last year. Luckily he comes by our shop twice a year.
We are always very happy to have Flavio, because he is very sweet and has a great vibe. He is also a very skilled piercer.

Flavio speaks Portugese and English. He can be found at Classic Ink and Mods and Dare2Wear.