Mr. Lama

Born and raised in Italy, but we're happy to have him in Amsterdam! Luka is happiest when he gets to work with bold, clean lines and popping colours in a traditional/old school style. His love of sea creatures is clearly present in his sketchbooks and portfolios, so for anything nautical you've definitely come to the right guy.
Considering his experience it's no wonder that he's an allround artist who's open to working with you on a variety of projects. No matter if it's a cover-up or a back piece, you're sure to be inspired by the ideas he has for you!

Lilly Sue

Lilly Sue a.k.a. Susan is our Neo-Traditional super hero! Whether it's birds, pets, depictions of Ghibli's protagonists or your favorite videogame characters: she will definitely make them come to life in the most vibrant colours possible.
She gladly takes on big projects, but she also has a small flash book at the studio if you crave a quick and cute tattoo!


Sharp contrast, dark depictions and pitch black ink - Gianluca's pieces are basically the epitome of blackwork. You will find no pastel-pink watercolour designs in his portfolio, so if you're attracted to the more monochrome side of tattooing his work is definitely worth looking at. He's sketching up drawings a machine-like speeds so there's plenty to choose from, but he'll work with you on custom pieces with the same level of enthusiasm!


After careful observation, we suspect that there's something about Marc's tattoos that makes them highly addictive. Unsuspecting clients will walk in to get a pacific style arm band and suddenly, it's a year later and they're well on their way to a full sleeve! Nothing wrong with that however, as Marc knocks every piece he works on straight out of the park. He loves to do pacific styles, mandalas, geometric designs and doesn't hesitate to sprinkle in some dotwork here and there. Click through to his Instagram to get an idea of what that looks like!