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Tattoo Prices

The price for a tattoo will depend on the design, the detail, the size and the place.

Our miniumprice for a tattoo is 80 euros. This is because of the sterile use of products, the new needle and the time to set-up for a tattoo. when the drawing is ready we can give you an approximate price

For bigger pieces that cannot be done in 1 sitting we charge an hourly price starting from 150 euros p/hour. depending on the artist this can vary; some (guest)artists charge more.

Usually it will be difficult to give you an exact price quotation because there are many things that influence the time it takes to make the tattoo. For instance also how you are dealing with getting tattooed. If you make sure you are rested and have eaten before, you can sit still more easily. Which makes it easier for the tattooist to continue and finish your piece.

Drawing a design is for free when you get tattooed, as well as redrawing your design. we do charge 50-100 euros (or more for sleeves, backpieces etc) to make an appointment. this money will be cleared with the money you pay for the tattoo. just to be sure you are serious in getting a tattoo and that the tattooist doesnt waste its time by drawing for nothing or for waiting. if you decide not to get tattooed after all, there will be no refund. if you need to reschedule your appointment, you will sometimes have to pay extra, depending on the artist. also we dont reschedule more than 1x, to protect the artist and the shop for having nothing to do.

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1012 KS, Amsterdam
tel: +31(020)-7539652

Monday/Sunday 12.00-19.00

Sometimes it can be busy at the shop and we'd like to take enough time for everybody. If you want to get pierced, try to arrive before 18:00 hrs, to avoid any disappointments.

Please take note of our adjusted piercing age policy
Age 6 – 16: only earlobes, a parent or legal guardian must be present
Age 16 – 18: all piercings except nipple/genitalia, a parent or legal guardian must be present
Age 18 and over: all piercings, no parent or legal guardian needed

We do not pierce children under six years of age.
We do not tattoo under 18 years of age.
Please make sure to always bring an ID (this also applies to the guardian).

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